Ideas For Designing A Miniature Garden

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Miniature gardens are a new trend in gardening. They make use of plants, flowers and tiny decorations to create arrangements in flower pots, planters or other small containers that are fit for a fairy. They are decorative, whimsical and add plenty of charm to a larger outdoor garden although they work for indoor places as well.

The video tutorial teaches you all the steps you need to learn to make your own miniature fairy garden using a terra cotta planter. You can take the miniature garden and set it in your outdoor garden bed or you can arrange it with others to create a larger space for fairies to visit! The tutorial also covers how to paint the pot and prepare the soil. You also learn how to arrange various plants in the planter.

You can get inspired by looking at many other miniature gardens but the design or arrangement is entirely up to your imagination. You might want to consider a theme and build on that in your garden using techniques that you learn in the tutorial. The trick is to add tiny accessories or decorations that fit the garden to scale so that it comes to life.

You might add chairs or tire swings for the fairies to use. You can also add pathways, fences, birdbaths and pools. Dollhouse fairy garden accessories are wonderful for adding charm to your miniature garden. You might use a tin bucket for your container or make use of a baby tub.

There are accessories available that are made just for use in fairy gardens. These include tiny wheelbarrows or miniature terra cotta pots. You can sew together tiny cushions to put in your gardens patio chairs if you like. There is no limit to what you can create for your miniature garden. This is part of what makes these gardens so addicting.

With the container that you choose for your fairy garden, you need to punch holes at the bottom if they do not already exist there. This is so that you can allow for plenty of drainage for the plants in the garden. Also, add a layer of gravel to the bottom to keep the garden in place after it receives rain or after it is watered, depending on whether it is used outdoors or indoors. Fairy gardens are beautiful and charming arrangements of any plants and decorations you can imagine.