The Importance Of Roof Inspections Following Severe Storms

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Storm damage can substantially reduce the life expectancy of any roofing system. Even little storms can jeopardize roofing systems. Strong winds can rip away roofing shingles and go undiscovered by the house owner. Roofing system storm damage can be easily missed out on by an untrained eye.

Here are some essential reasons for getting a roofing system evaluation from a trusted roofing system installation contractor following a storm, even if the roofing system isn’t dripping.

Identify Issues Before They Get Bigger

You need to have your roof checked at least when a year and after a significant weather event. Even if you don’t see noticeable damage on your roof or there aren’t leaks, you need to still contact your roofer.

Filing Insurance Claims

Lots of home owners and building owners might not be aware, however there is a time limitation for submitting roof damage claims that result from storms. For this reason alone it is more essential for home owners to schedule roofing system inspections right away following a serious storm.

Free Estimates and Repairs

Most roof companies supply totally free inspections and estimates. Experts have years of experience in detecting leakages and roof problems, which are easy for property owners to mistakenly miss. They have the appropriate tools to find damaged areas and the right equipment to repair them while working safely.

For your safety and wellbeing, the inexperienced homeowner need to not climb onto the roof to inspect, specifically after a storm. They should leave the inspection and repair jobs to professionals with experience. There could be areas of the roof that were weakened by the storm and an untrained eye may not recognize the areas to avoid stepping on. Also, proper gear is needed when climbing on roof tops. In fact in many areas local city code requires roofers to wear harnesses and proper safety equipment to avoid a fall. Local inspectors could fine you or your workers if found violating local safety codes. Check with your local building inspectors to find out what the laws and ordinances are pertaining to your area and roof work safety.

The benefits to getting a roof inspection are many and out weigh any reasons to the contrary. It is never wrong to be proactive to prevent damage. Its smart, and it saves money in the long run.

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