Top 10 Physical Security Measures For Businesses

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Security is paramount to any business. Your valued assets, employees, and equipment should be safe
from theft and destruction. Most staff look down to safety until when the property is broken into or
goods stolen. It is therefore necessary to have a risk assessment to evaluate potential risks to your
business. Below are the top measures to put in place to ensure physical security:

Mantraps and Turnstiles – mantraps are small rooms designed to have one person at a time. They guarantee safety in case any
person has malicious intention by locking them in the chamber until they provide proof of identity. This
helps to delay unauthorized people, as police is alerted in case of illegal people. Turnstiles are small
gates, which allow one person at a time to enter into a premise. They rotate in one direction. Burglar proof doors. You need to install solid doors with reinforced steel, to deter any attempt to illegal entry into your
premises. Also, ensure that you install sturdy deadbolts and hardened hinges.

Security Guards – it is important to hire trained security guards from a reputable security company who can man
your premises 24/7. The security officer should do patrols and detect any signs of intrusion. He should
authorize all employees entering the business premises. Surveillance cameras. Install video cameras in all vulnerable areas such as the gate, cash office, and so forth. According to a
research done by Justice Quarterly in 2009, CCTV cameras are most efficient in the parking area as they
reduce crime rate by 51%.

Perimeter Security – according to extensive research done by The SANS Institute, additional security levels deter any crime
from taking place. The fences should be electrically charged or concrete. Barbed wire is the best for
outside fences. Automated Door Lock Systems – with modern technology, you do not have to use keys to open doors or gates. There are entry
systems available with a database of authorized personnel and using a smart card, you can open a door
and records updated on the system about who has opened which smart door. This however has to be
used with caution since you have to have measures in place for lost cards.

Dogs – trained dogs are widely used to secure businesses especially firms that deal with cash at hand, which is
so tempting to robbers. The dog should be fearless as well as be loyal and trainable. It will alert the
security guard in case of anything malicious by barking. Badges – all employees should bear nametags with identification details. This makes it easier to identify new
people who might have malicious intentions. Motion Detectors – They detect any intrusion via their electronic motion sensors, which recognize changes in infrared light
patterns, light system, heat, waves, and unusual sounds. Alarm systems – Panic buttons are ideal for high risk areas like a cashiers desk so in the case of any intrusion, the staff
can alert the police by pressing the button. The system can also have an automatic design which
senses any unfamiliar activity and responds by sending a signal to police via the internet. According to
research conducted by the School of Criminal Justice, alarm systems protect the whole neighborhood,
not just a particular premise, reducing crime.

The Bottom Line
Physical security is a need to all businesses. The measures discussed above are inexpensive, and they
guarantee a lifetime service. A combination of two or more would be ideal for any business.