Want A Lazy-boy Pool System?

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House pools make hot weather extremely pleasurable but beneath the cool blue surface a heck of a lot of upkeep is involved in keeping them in tip-top condition and grinding every last ounce of fun out of them. Talking about lighting systems, music, sanitation, slides, cleaning and heating them. You would need to spend almost as much time operating the gadgets to keep them running rather than using them for dips and splashes.

To take the endless hassle out of all that goes with owning a pool you need a system to run all the systems, a master controller if you like. This in reality is called a pool automation system and it allows you to program and switch on or fine tune all your components, like heating, pool pump and circulation system, music, lighting, water features, pool vacs and even the sanitation system. Models are available like the Hayward Omnilogic or Pentairs ScreenLogic2.

Heart of A Pool

A pump is the heart of your pool. It keeps the water circulating. If your water doesnt circulate the chorine will not mix through it correctly. Dirt will also cling to the bottom and walls of your pool instead of making its way to the filter and consequently debris baskets. The pump also works with your heater to turn the warm water over and over so it spreads through the pool faster. Most pumps are variable speed these days, and not only do they save you money but they actually can be programmed. Once they are able to be programmed you can use them with your automation system.

Why would you want to control your pump speed? If you notice your pool is getting dirty you can raise the speed of your pump. You can also turn it down to save electricity when things look good. Or you can entirely set it to run automatically 7 days a week. A controller allows you to fine tune details when something also needs a tweak.

More Control

Automation systems really come into their own when you have all your separate programs controlled by it. For instance, you may have made a change to your pump speed, and also you may want to correlate this to your heater. Say for example your pool is cold and you want it to warm up quickly. You can set the pump to run at maximum speed, then blast your heater on at full power until the pool heats up. Once things are warm you can turn down the heater and then gradually reduce the pump speed. You then get the pool to the desired temperature and then you can turn down the power once the heat settles. You can also set your heater back to auto switch on mode, once the heat drops down below say for example 33 degrees.

Pool cleaners and lighting can also be controlled by automation systems. Once everything is dialled into the system you can also control it via an app. So you can fine tune things on your smartphone or tablet if you prefer. The times have certainly moved forward drastically in pool technology. You still need the same components but now they can all be automated. They also have got a lot more energy efficient, L.E.D. lighting and 95% efficient heaters and variable speed pumps are some examples of the new energy conscious appliances. You can read more about these technologies at www.bathpoolandspa.com/.