5 Vegetables That You Can Grow In Your Garden In Winter

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Planting in the summer as well as in the winter requires some form of education. Knowing the right kind of vegetables to plant in the summer and the winter will save you so much stress and struggle to make your vegetable flourish. We have compiled a list of five vegetables to be considered for planting in your garden during the winter.

The period is between November and March, and the season is winter. Not so much of a problem. Right? It could be costly to plant the wrong vegetable in the wrong season. That is why it is important to know what vegetables to consider for the winter.

Here are some of the vegetables you can plant in your garden during winter.

1 – Broccoli: This is one vegetable that thrives well in winter. The weather helps it to gain a grip on its flowers. It has an abundance of vitamins and minerals. It is practically easy to plant in your home garden, especially during the winter season. And the good part is that it can be eaten raw, steamed or cooked. You should try it.

2 – Spinach: early winter seems to be a good time to get this vegetable into the ground. It is best planted in moist soil. It needs to be kept well mulched and protected. Start now to plan your next move. Its yield is huge and tasty leaves.

3 – Beets: they grow best in soil that is rich in phosphorus. Beets start to show when roots begin to grow. A healthy veggie to consider for the winter season.

4 – Cabbage: during winter, cabbage needs less water to grow compared to what is required during summer. Care should be taken in storing this awesome vegetable. It can be eaten raw or serve in a salad. A healthy diet can be anticipated.

5 – Carrots: carrots are perfect vegetables that thrive well in winter. They are easy to grow but at a moderate temperature that allows them to flourish. You need to store them in a cool and moist place.

There are lots of other vegetables to be explored during winter. They all are readily available. The best of it all is that most of them can be eaten raw or served with other vegetables.

During the cold winter, you can decide on which of the vegetables you want to plant. There are a host of other vegetables including Kale, Fava Beans, Arugula, Lettuce, Kohlrabi, Turnips, Radishes, Mustard greens, etc. that you can choose from. You just need to know how to help them grow well and grow healthy. It is interesting that you dont have to worry too much before you find a vegetable to plant in your garden during the winter.