Did You Purchase The Right Pool Pump?

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Pool pumps are great and hold tremendous value, but that doesn’t mean you go with any old option. You have to be selective and pick one that is going to work with your pool.

The one option that continues to make the rounds has to be Pentair’s pool pump. This is a world-class brand that has been leading the industry for a long time and retains significant value.

Here are the reasons to pursue this pool pump for all of your needs as a pool owner.


Whether it is the way things are being cleaned or how much energy is consumed, you are getting an effective pool pump with Pentair, and that is guaranteed. This is one of the most efficient makers in the world, and you will enjoy the efficiency immediately.

The attention to detail goes down to the software and how it reads the condition of your pool water which it constantly monitors.

Excessive use of energy will never be a concern when this pool pump is put into action. It will adjust to the situation and make sure an adequate amount of energy is used and nothing more.

Simple Setup

The setup matters because you will want something simple and to the point. You don’t want to be left with something that is going to waste time and will leave you struggling. Those who are doing this will hate it.

My Pool Guide has published some outstanding info on this pump and you should read their in-depth review if you want to know all the details concerning this pump. They also include set up and installation videos. Normally set up takes a few minutes but if you are new to pool pumps its worth looking at their videos.


You are not installing a pool pump that has minimal brand recognition behind it. Pentair has been around for a while, and this proven quality is what draws many people towards their products. They would not be in business for so long if they were making inferior products. Their reputation is actually legendary and they are one of the main brands of choice from nearly all pool technicians and suppliers.

In summary pool pumps are essential in all pools. You cannot run a pool without one. They simply clean out all of the toxins present in your water and make sure it is safe to swim in. If you dont have one your water will be dirty in hours and toxic within days. Make sure you get the one thats right for your pool.