Got A Pool? Find Out How To Lower Energy Costs

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There are so many choices for pool owners to go through when it comes to cleaning their pool. Which pool pump is the right one to choose? Which one is going to last for a long time and remain effective?

There are two main types you are going to have to research.

These two would be the single speed pool pump and variable speed pool pump. Here is more on what they have to offer and how they compare to one another.

Single Speed

Let’s start with the single speed pool pump. This is the traditional option and the one most people have seen in their lifetime.

Once they are installed they use a lot of energy. They run on one speed (hence the name) and can generate a lot of power, but also take up a significant amount of energy. Plus, they make a lot of noise which is a problem for pool owners to navigate around, especially if one likes the quiet life!

Variable Speed

Now, what about the variable speed pool pump? What does this have to offer? It is a modern innovation and one that is being used around the world. They are the type recommended by My Pool pool supply comparison site and for good reasons.

These are quieter because they have enclosed fans and run on multiple speeds. The speed is going to vary based on optimum settings and conditions. This makes it easier for adjustments to be made.

These can last longer because they are not running on high speed all the time. They are going to allow you to adjust the flow of water through the pump, and that is where a lot of wear and tear can be eliminated.

Running Costs

They are obviously going to be cheaper to run because you can lower the speed when conditions suit. Most people will have a program running where it is set once and it runs away in the background. If you notice any unusual conditions in your pool, like excessive dirt or algae you can make adjustments on the fly. It is therefore cheaper and more versatile than a single speed pump.


Which one is better? This is the question you are going to ask when you have to make a choice. The option is clear enough as the benefits are evidently in the favor of a variable speed pool pump. It is going to give far more power, and quality than a single speed pool pump can muster.

It is recommended to go with a good brand and know you are getting full value when it comes to picking your model. It should hold up well and provide trusted quality at the same time. Models from Pentair and generally thought to be the best choice when it comes to variable speed. If in doubt ask your local pool guy. They are probably going to have to come and install it anyway.