Kitchen Bar Stools

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Plenty of legroom

When measuring, make sure your bar stools are about 9 to 12 inches from the bottom of your countertop; your knees won’t be bumping up against the counter every time you eat and drink. If you are thinking of having swivel bar stools, you should consider having more space for legroom.

Matching wood finishing

It will have an appealing look to your eyes and those of your guests or customers when they see the color matches that you have made, from the stools to the tables around, to the counter, and the cabinets or any other wooden material around. Further, you could add colorful padding to the seats to give a colorful interior. To avoid getting the fabric damaged, you could buy waterproof covers although there is beautiful waterproof material you could buy.

Comfortable bar stool

Comfort will depend on your taste, but in case your bar will also serve as a restaurant, ensure you get to know the primary users. Although backless stools are perfect when space is limited or where the goal is to have a minimalistic look. However, young ones might find it tempting to lean backward, which may cause unwanted injuries.

Additionally, most adults will not want to sit there for long. They will prefer stools with back for more comfort.For a fun style you could use tie-on cushions on your wooden or metal stools to provide lumbar support. However, if small children will be using these stools, ensure you keep a close eye on them.Young children love to play and can wiggle around in such a way that the cushion may loosen and cause unforeseen accidents when children hang precariously from them.