The Mattress Buying Decision – Memory Foam Or Latex?

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There are some things to consider before buying your next mattress. Will it be comfortable? Will it be durable? Will it be good for your health and value for money? One of the key things to consider is whether you will be choosing a memory foam mattress or a latex mattress. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of buying each one

Latex Mattress Pros
This has been the trusted mattress type for many years. You may not know this but the latex mattress was first introduced in the 1950’s. Many believe latex mattresses to be very healthy because they are manufactured from all natural material derived from the rubber tree.

Latex mattresses are very durable with some lasting as long as 15 years. A latex mattress is perfect for those who would like a firmer mattress. While the mattress is very capable of conforming to your body’s natural curves, it does not give the sleeper a sinking feeling. The mattress is also odor free. Additionally, it also breathes better than memory foam mattresses. You can find some good latex mattresses in this Leeds mattress shop.

Latex Mattress Cons
They are extremely expensive, especially so if you opt to buy a pure latex mattress. Having said this, it is also important to note that a latex mattress might not be readily available because it may still need to be manufactured or ordered from the manufacturers. If you are concerned about the environment, you may also want to rethink your latex mattress purchase. Many manufacturers do not tell the consumer when they have replaced the natural materials with synthetic ones, negating the actual eco-friendly aspect of latex mattresses.

Memory Foam Mattress Pros
Memory foam mattresses come in a wide variety of sizes as well as different types. This means you will quickly be able to find the right mattress to suit your needs. They are also much cheaper than latex mattresses. This is because the technology that goes into the production of a foam mattress is widely available.

Memory foam mattresses offer the user a more plush sleep. This is because the mattress is designed to more effectively contour to the shape of your body. For many, this means they can easily sleep without feeling aches and pains the following morning.

Memory Foam Cons
Memory mattresses are produced from synthetic materials. While this production process does come with its own set of myths, many manufacturers are careful o ensure that the materials used today are not harmful to your health. Be sure to have a look at a health certificate or similar attached to your mattress.

Memory Foam mattress also tends to sleep much warmer that latex mattresses. This means that if you get hot while you should rather consider buying a latex mattress. It should be noted, however, that new techniques for the manufacture of mattresses allow for increased airflow. In addition to this, you may also find that your memory foam mattress expels a strong chemical odour once unpackaged. This is because your newly bought mattress will have to expand to the right size after you remove the packaging.