Pool Cleaning Done The Easy Way

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Since the technological revolution from the 1980s to the ever present day, devices have emerged that have transformed our lives in every possible way. In the world of communication portable phones have gone global, theyve also gotten a lot leaner, TVs have gone smart, but theyve also got a heck of a lot bigger, if yet only sleeker.

Automatic blenders, dishwashers, and Z-Wave devices have made our lives easier. Still theres always more work to be done, especially if youve got a demanding leisure life to keep on top of. Owning a pool is now common for the average home, and not just a forte of the rich and famous.


One thing that hasnt changed though over time is the amount of cleaning and maintenance it takes to keep a pool in good working order. The water needs to be properly balanced for one or no one will be able to swim in it. Thankfully there are automatic chlorinators that will drip feed this chemical into your pool. All you have to do is test the PH levels weekly and adjust your chlorinator to suit.

You can even control your chlorinator via your iPad or smartphone in todays world. Next up to the tough part, cleaning the pool. Getting dirty is a natural by-product of water. It gets polluted due to its inhabitants; i.e. you and me- the air which includes airborne contaminants, rainwater, leaves, spillages, and it also becomes a breeding den of algae.

Chlorine will take care of the bacteria, but you still also have to clean the dirt and grime out of the pool. It will stick to the walls and settle on the floor. So how do you get around to cleaning your freeform 25k gallon pool that has a 9ft deep end, a waterfall and 12ft walls? It will take you forever to clean and drain this pool, and forever to fill it up again.

Pool Cleaning Options

Well for a start you dont have to drain nothing. You can clean it by hand if its small and you like work. Or you can get a semi-automatic hand held cleaner named a telepole, or you can get a handheld pool cleaner.

Or if you want the complete do nothing solution you can even get a robotic pool cleaner. A marvel of modern technology. These clever devices have wheels and suction cups and will power up and down your pool, they will even climb the walls and go around steps and ladders. They have mini scrubbers and vacuums underneath them. They have an on-board bag that collects all the dirt and grime.

All you do is plug in the waterproof cord, set them to work and they will randomly zigzag around the pool navigating with their built in microprocessors until they completely cover your pool. Read all about pool cleaners at bathpoolandspa.com. There are lots of big name brands in this market, Pentair, Kreepy Krauly, Dolphin, Mayotronics, Polaris, to name but a few of the big players.

Go easy on yourself, let your pool cleaner do most of the heavy lifting.